Sonya Sophia is master of EFT, a gifted empath and a 'Love Activist' with 30 years of experience in the Healing Arts. She learned EFT in 2004 from the creator of Tapping, Gary Craig.

 She’s is in 2 major films, a co-host of the popular “Positive Head” podcast and is an icon of the Burning Man community, where she’s shown over 30,000 people how to run the energy of love through their meridians to create physical, emotional and spiritual resiliency.

Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts, an online Healing Arts School, which produces The World Tapping Circle — a come-as-you-are online EFT session + video library. Her mission is to help humanity heal.

TEAM LOVE is a rotating all-star crew of professional EFT Practitioners trained by Sonya Sophia. Together with Sonya Sophia, they will be with you during your in-person Advanced EFT Practitioner Training. Many of them lead The World Tapping Circle, as well.

All of them have been supporting this work for years, know exactly what you are going through and precisely how to help you.
Teaching Assistant

Dillon is the newest addition to Team Love, stepping into the role of logistics and support.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and worked with several non-profit organizations.

Dillon first learned about EFT from Sonya in 2008. He took the beginning and advanced trainings in 2010 and has continued to study EFT since. He's been teaching EFT since 2012, and he's now excited to be in a larger supportive role to Team Love and help many others.


Teaching Assistant

Jeff is a Master Level practitioner and teacher of the Emotional Freedom Technique, studying with and assisting the Sophia School since 2012.

He's served as a healer and facilitated workshops and retreats both internationally and within the west coast transformational festival circuit, and holds a private practice serving individuals across the globe as well as working collaboratively with progressive organizations including the Earth Nation and the New Life Foundation.

His skill set draws from meditation, sound healing, martial arts, life force cultivation and developments in neurocardiolgy, with EFT as his primary instrument to deliver and influence peace, clarity, hope, freedom and joy.


Teaching Assistant

13 years ago Johna was suffering from severe PTSD, addiction, chronic depression, and hopelessness. She found EFT and could tell something was changing inside of her. Within a very short amount of time she was living a radically new life.

A certified Advanced EFT Practitioner since 2007, she is an avid meditator, constantly devouring the most cutting-edge methodologies for mindset optimization.

Her practice is crafted from years of tried-and-true techniques. She offers true compassion and the knowing that with commitment and consistency you will find your way. Not only has she done it  herself, but for more than a decade, she’s assisted and witnessed countless others in their triumph.

Johna works with clients in her San Francisco office and globally through video meetings to achieve deep transformation.

Dr. Anna

Teaching Assistant

Dr. Anna MD. is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and EFT practitioner who uses the Emotional Freedom Techniques in her work as an integrative medical practitioner, hospitalist, festival emergency medical care provider and pain management clinician.

Anna was trained in EFT by Sonya Sophia in 2015.  Impressed  by the speed and depth of healing she witnessed in both herself and the others at Sonya’s workshops, she has attended several of Sonya’s subsequent retreats and is now assisting Sonya in a supportive role.


Teaching Assistant

Magnus has been on board, supporting Sonya Sophia’s projects full time since 2015.

His background as a Yoga Teacher and Energy Worker has informed his work with EFT. He is trained as an Authentic Relating Games Facilitator and has studied with the Mankind Project too.

Over his time with Sonya, he took his first EFT Practitioner Training in 2015 and has been returning as a Teaching Assistant since then.

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