“In Sonya’s training I learned a profoundly heartfelt and totally accessible way to unravel deep trauma and pain that years of therapy could not touch. I am forever grateful."

"These 10 days have revealed to me the roots of so many long-held, painful beliefs…shining love, light, healing and understanding on them in a very supportive, super safe group setting where everyone is included.” 

"This retreat/training changed my life in practically every way possible.

I went in unsure of what to expect, and really there is no way now, as I sit and write this, to describe everything that this experience is. It is singularly, completely unique. Profound.

The people I trained with are now the sacred inner circle of friends that I know I can trust."

"The Team Love Teaching Assistants left me speechless many times a day with their unending ability to hold loving, safe space.

And then there’s Sonya! Sonya’s presence, her endless commitment to everyone there, and her exquisitely expressed love, steadfastly maintained throughout the whole 10 days, is the ultimate gift."

"The space was a temple, a hospital, a playground.

The best adventure for individuals who are ready to take the wild, at times challenging, and ultimately, beautiful deep dive into their own humanity to return to their lovers, family, friends, and world, ready to reflect that humanity back for the good of all.

If this is you, you already know. Your answer is YES."

“I learned how to tap into the power that I have within myself innately, and TRUST it! It was some of the best money I've ever spent.”
"Sonya Sophia's EFT Training was one of the most intense, profound, loving, and life-changing experiences I've ever had. You are fully supported while diving through the muck of your inner world. Since attending, not only has my life completely shifted, but my ability to stay present and grounded amongst the pain and beauty on this planet has increased exponentially. It's the best choice I've ever made (TWICE 😉)!

The impact of this retreat in my life has been felt not only by me, but by my friends, family, students, and clients. I am more patient, caring, grounded, and so much more compassionate. I'm more open and tolerant. 'm more able to be myself at all times and feel not just okay, but GOOD in my skin.

It wasn't until I went to Sonya Sophia's training that I realized just how much I DIDN'T love myself. I'd done therapy off and on for years, acquired a huge amount of healing modality certificates, and done the meditations, vision boards, self-work...you name it. It blew my mind to realize I had never actually known true acceptance, nor love, and definitely not forgiveness before.

I now feel love deeply, understand acceptance, and have finally ACTUALLY forgiven someone! That alone was worth it. But the best part of all is that now I get to help others in the exact same ways."
“This is one of the most nourishing, activating, and empowering experiences you could ever sign yourself up for.  Recommended!"
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